For the sustainable world.
  • 2015.03.31 : Our new website has launched
  • 2015.03.31 : Our new website has launched
For the sustainable world.
NCD was established to capitalise on the opportunities available in renewable energy and to contribute towards building a safe environmentally conscious Japan.

NCD develops large-scale solar PV, wind, and biomass power plants across Japan.

NCD also provides a full development management service to domestic and international investors at every stage of project developmentfrom site identifi cation to COD and beyond including due diligence, land procurement, permitting, engineering,local authority / community relations, fi nancing, EPC and O&M.

NCD's extensive expertise combined with its access to a wide network of EPCs, banks, manufacturers and landowners allows it to achieve successful results on time and within budget.

AQUA Aomori Square Building., 2-13-1
Nagashima Aomori-city Aomori Prefecture
030-0861 Japan

TEL +81(0)3 4400 6362